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Sexuality Education Teaching Collective

By Educators For Educators

About the Initiative

The 2019 Canadian Guidelines for Sexuality Education established by the Sex Information & Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) is the most up to date document detailing what Canadians should reasonably expect from their sex education. However, the sex education that students are currently receiving does not meet these standards. SEXEDUCATE was created to address the 2019 guidelines' 9th core principle of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE):

Comprehensive sexuality education “Is provided by educators who have the knowledge and skills to deliver comprehensive sexual health education and who receive administrative support to undertake this work”

Training Curriculum


Resources and support systems are available for teachers which has created a nationwide crisis in the education system

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Nova Scotia Bachelor of Education programs do not offer courses related to sexual health education


Was the last time that the Nova Scotia Health Education Curriculum was updated

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